So nehmen Sie in der neuesten Edition von GarageBand auf

How to Record into the Newest Edition of Garageband

Garageband is a popular music production software that allows users to create and record their own music. While it was initially only available for Mac users, there is now a version of Garagenband für Windows that can be downloaded for free from In this article, we will guide you on how to record into the newest edition of Garageband on your PC.

Erste Schritte mit Garageband

Before you can start recording in Garageband, you need to download and install the software on your Windows PC. Visit and click on the Garageband for Windows download link. Once the download is complete, follow the installation instructions to set up Garageband on your computer.

Once Garageband is installed, launch the application and familiarize yourself with the interface. Garageband offers a wide range of features and tools for music production, including virtual instruments, audio recording capabilities, and a variety of effects and plugins.

Einrichten Ihres Audioeingangs

Before you can start recording, you need to make sure that your audio input is properly set up in Garageband. Connect your microphone or instrument to your computer and ensure that it is recognized by your operating system.

In Garageband, go to the Preferences menu and select Audio/MIDI. Under the Audio tab, choose your input device from the dropdown menu. Adjust the input level to ensure that your recordings are not too loud or too soft.

Neues Projekt erstellen

Once your audio input is set up, it’s time to create a new project in Garageband. Click on File in the top menu and select New Project. Choose a name for your project and select the desired tempo and time signature.

Garageband offers various project templates to choose from, depending on the type of music you want to create. Select a template that suits your needs or start with an empty project if you prefer to build your tracks from scratch.

Recording Your Tracks

Now that your project is set up, you can start recording your tracks in Garageband. Click on the button in the top-left corner of the Garageband window to create a new track. Choose the type of track you want to create, such as a software instrument track or an audio track for recording vocals or instruments.

Once your track is created, click on the red record button to start recording. Play your instrument or sing into the microphone to capture your performance. Garageband allows you to record multiple takes and comp them together to create the perfect performance.

Bearbeiten und Mischen Ihrer Tracks

After recording your tracks, you can edit and mix them in Garageband to enhance the overall sound of your music. Use the editing tools to trim, cut, and rearrange your recordings. You can also apply effects and plugins to add depth and texture to your tracks.

Garageband offers a range of mixing tools to balance the levels of your tracks, adjust the panning, and apply EQ and compression. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired sound for your music.

Exporting Your Finished Track

Once you are satisfied with your recordings and the mix, it’s time to export your finished track from Garageband. Click on the Share menu in the top menu bar and select Export Song to Disk. Choose the desired file format and quality for your exported track and select a location to save the file on your computer.

Now you can share your music with others or import it into other music production software for further editing and mastering.


Recording into the newest edition of Garageband on your Windows PC is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can unleash your creativity and create professional-quality music right from your own home. Download Garageband for Windows from and start exploring the world of music production today!

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